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Mr. P. Sri Lal Nonis
- Western Provincial Education Director -

Dear Children,
    This Education Management System was developed by the Development Division of the Western Provincial Department of Education with the aim of strengthening the learning and teaching process by using the latest technology to qualitatively develop the educational activities of all children in the Western Province as well as throughout Sri Lanka. Was made. This learning management system includes worksheets, sample sheets, and video lessons in subjects relevant to all grades. In addition, Western Province past term question papers, answer sheets and other learning resource aids are included. This database has been compiled under the guidance of the Additional Provincial Director of Education and with the contribution of the Directors in charge of the subject including the Deputy Director of Education Development, the Teacher Instructor and the Resource Teacher. Dear daughter, I hope this learning system will help you to further your learning process in the face of the Kovid epidemic in the country. May you have the strength and courage to succeed in the learning process and become a productive citizen of Mother Lak. I add congratulations.

P. Srilal Nonis
Provincial Director of Education
Western Province

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